CNC Machining Production Equipments

Mulmic has 10 Hermle Germany 5-axis and Matsuura Japan CNC machining centers, 10 4-axis CNC machining centers, 10 3-axis CNC machining centers, 28 Automatic Lathes and 23 CNC Lathes, which can meet high-precision and high-volume production in short term.

Hermle Germany 5-axis CNC  Machining Center

(Tol. ±0.003mm)

Matsuura Japan 5-axis CNC Machining Center

(Tol. ±0.003mm)

Brother Japan 4-axis CNC Machining Center

(Tol. ±0.005mm)

4-axis CNC Machining Center

(Tol. ±0.005mm)

Taiwan GOODWAY GTZ-1500 Series

(Tol. ±0.005mm)

Automatic Lathe

(Tol. ±0.005mm)

Stamping Production Equipments

Mulmic has 30 advanced punch machines ranging from 25 Tons to 300 Tons and 10 Slow Speed EDM Wire Cutting Machines, which can complete high-precision, high-volume rapid production of stamping parts, tooling and stamping die in short term.

25-80T Punche machine (Tol. ±0.015mm)

110-160T Punche Machine (Tol. ±0.015mm)

High Speed Punch

EDM Wiring Cutting Machines for Tooling and Stamping Die Production (Tol. ±0.001mm)

Sodick Japan
Mitsubishi Japan
Qinghong Taiwan

Sheet Metal Equipment

Mulmic has 3 Mitsubishi laser, 2 AMADA CNC punching, 10 6-axis servo bending machines, 4 automatic rivet machine which can complete high-precision and high-volume rapid production.

AMADA CNC Punching (Tol. ±0.1mm)

Bending Machine (Tol. ±0.1mm)

CNC Punching (Tol. ±0.1mm)

Mitsubishi Laser (Tol. ±0.1mm)